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International Children’s Month is celebrating its 10th year!

Each year there is a theme, and youth, and humanity throughout the world, unite to co-create, and uplift the theme and our children and youth. Previous years have circled with Water education and consciousness, Earth stewardship and connection, Whole Being/body, mind and spirit, Team work, Revolution youth voices and youth choices, Miracles/what are they and how do they work, Grace and Resilience, and more! This year;s theme is International Children Love World Peace 2023!

The big question:

What can you do to co create and support World Peace?

We invite you to consider this, come up with something and share with us so we may unite! Do you have a project, some art, or an organization that supports humanity, society and/or our planet? Then please partner with us!

For years we have worked with youth and educators, parents, and organizations all over the world! Organizations like: WE, The World, The Black Jaguar Foundation, Keep The Waters Flowing, Idle No More, Standing Rock, Youth Leaders; The Earth Guardians, This Is Zero Hour, Pakistan Youth Teams, African Youth Teams, we stand side by side with our Children and Youth, our Indigenous Relations Globally, our Earth, The Roerich Pact, Coral Vita, Mission Blue, Love Glasses Revolution, artists, poets, musicians and more!

We have some ideas too! And our Youth Leaders are actively pursuing this very mission!


Join us by visiting, and uniting at

Reach out and let us know at

2023 is the year we come together for World Peace! Here We Grow!

International Children’s Month Mission: Love, Care and Respect for All Children of Earth!
2023 International Children Love World Peace!

What will you do, be or create, to bring on more World Peace in 2023?

2023 Invitation: International Children’s Month Year Long Thematic Activity Platform and Annual Month of JUNE!

Welcome to International Children’s Month and International Children Love
World Peace 2023!

​We are celebrating our 10th year this year and we are very excited by the possibilities and our new theme!

The world right now could use some extra love, and teamwork. And we hope you agree! We feel that a year focusing on World Peace will do us all good. And so we are growing for it!


The website is getting a brand new look and encompassing all 10 previous years international activities, and themes for greater ease. It should be completed by January 1st when we launch the new platform!


For now our Youth leaders in Pakistan are working on their contributions, our Youth leaders in Africa are working on their contributions, artists, poets, ocean lovers, forest lovers, children lovers, gardening lovers, are all figuring out what they can bring for the year, and we feel strongly that World Peace is built together, so … what have you got to offer World Peace?


We would love to see it, experience it, share it, and grow it with you! Our catch phrase this year is GROW FOR IT!

Social Media

#ICM #Itnernationalchildrensmonth #growforit

Hashtags for the year!

#ICM @ICM #worldpeace2023


Highlight Days:

March 22nd World Water Day
June 1st International Children’s Day and ICM Kick Off Month!
June 18th ICM Youth Global Day Of Action Live on FB
June 21st The Children’s Global Wave of Love 10th Annual 1:11pm in our heart and time zone and World Peace and Prayer Day
June International Children’s month Festival TBA
Sept 11th-21 11 Days of Global Unity
Sept 21st International Day Of Peace

International Children’s Month Mission: Love, Care and Respect for All Children of Earth!
2023 International Children Love World Peace!

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